Been an interesting couple of days.

Well it has been an interesting couple of days,First I hurt my back either a pulled muscle or I threw it out.(depending what the MDYNs think.As in Me Doctor You Nothing!!) Monday night I ended up in the ER of MetroHealth.I was in so much pain I could not even stand up out of my chair and need the Cleveland EMS to come help me stand and than take me to the hospital. I also recieved my window 10 Home Edition flash drive install kit with a New Product Key Code. took me a little time to get it to install,AKA 2 attempts.but it is in my computer and working.I’m doing a little better today.

2 Comments on “Been an interesting couple of days.

  1. I'm happy you're doing better today, Mike. Having your back out is awful. Can't do much of anything.Have a pain free day, my friend. ­čÖé

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