Music Monday and Monday’s Music Moves Me

The Animals – House Of The Rising Sun

The Animals – We Gotta Get Out Of This Place

Eric Burdon and The Animals – Sky Pilot (1968) HQ

8 Comments on “Music Monday and Monday’s Music Moves Me

  1. Love it! I'm glad that you went with The Animals. I actually thought about using them as well, but I had so many different ideas in mind, it was difficult to choose. So thank you for going with one that I had thought of, but didn't use. Great selection today, John!You chose a few that weren't even close to my radar – but they were a lot of fun to listen to! I'm really happy that this theme was well received by so many. ~MaryJingle Jangle Jungle

  2. Many of your tunes remind me of high-school, but I must say I never heard the last song you posted. Thanks for joining us once again my friend! You're duh best. I must ask you a favor. My blog has been hacked and I just paid $75 to get my computer cleaned out and have extra security put on my computer/programs. It's really sad especially when you're older and this is the only enjoyment you get out of life. I also do review on products and without having high numbers in followers the companies won't even bother with you. I don't know if you followed my social programs such as instagram, pinterest, twitter etc., but especially Instagram if you could follow me I'd really appreciate it. I had 2,338 follows (well that was after 10 yrs. of hard work if you could follow me I'd really appreciate it. They stole my instagram and they got wind that we were getting close and they deleted it. 🙁 My link is Thank you my friend. If there is anything I can ever do for you just let me know. hugs

  3. \”Sky Pilot\” happens to be one of my favorite Eric Burden songs. I love that entire CD. Thanks for sharing it and the other Animals' songs.

  4. Mike,I considered using just the Animals but went a different direction. You highlighted some boogietastic Animals oldies. I don't think I'd heard 'Sky Pilot' before today. 'The House of the Rising Sun' is probably my favorite of the three and it's certainly the most well-known tune. 'We've Got To Get Out of This Place' has such some groovy sounding mewsic but every time I hear it I can't help thinking about Vietnam. However, I read at Wikipedia that the group was alluding to their industrial working class roots. I suppose my mind is swayed by the general use of war footage accompanying the song. Oh well, I'm digging all of your mewsic. Have a boogietastic and blessed week, my friend!

  5. Mary Buris,thanks. 🙂 :-f :-h d-)Marie Moody,Hackers really suck!! I do not have an instragram account,I do have a twitter and a Pintersst accounts,I will find you on those and follow you. 🙂 :-f :-h d-)Cathy Keisha,I'm glad you enjoyed the tune. 🙂 :-f :-h d-)Cathy Kennedy I guess like minds do think a like at times.:) :-f :-h d-)

  6. Dang, the Animals! I grew up with them. I was at the end of elementary school when House of the Rising Sun came out and, of course I had no clue as to what the song was about. But did I ever love it. I am familiar with all three of the songs. Great choices! Alana

  7. Bookworm it was a long time before I figured out what that house was for as well.:) :-f :-h d-)Stacy Uncorked glad you enjoyed the dance with me.:) :-f :-h d-)

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