Music Monday and Monday’s Music Moves Me

The Rutles (1978)

In the Garden – Hammer Dulcimer

Come Sail Away

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  1. That's still one of the best parodies of The Beatles I've ever seen. It was an absolute stroke of genius, and seeing George Harrison as a TV reporter was just the icing on the cake. Thanks for posting this!

  2. Oh my gosh, that was hysterical. I've never seen that before I've got to show that one to the hubby! Bwahahahahaha Good one my friend! A total hoot! Now the dulcimer's I totally love, love, love!!! I remember seeing my first one at a neighborhood fair and watching the ladies play like about six of them together it was beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Mike,I didn't watch the entire parody but it looks like such a gas. I noticed a few celebrities Billy Murray and Paul Simon to name just a few in the first 20 minutes or so. I shall definitely save it to finish up later. Now, the dulcimer hammers are always a pleasure to hear! I think its a neat instrument. We got our oldest daughter one when she was young and it made the purrtiest sound. It was scaled down version of the one in these videos. Thanks for sharing and for dancing with the 4M gang, my friend. Have funtastic week!

  4. Cathey kennedy,at first it was just enough to collect different Hammered Dulcimer Music on cassettes and CDs that when I was at a Dulcimer festival at Roscoe Villiage in Coston Ohio i bought my Hammered Dulcimer,it was made by a local maker who does not make them any more.

  5. The Ruttles – oh, it's been so many years, but I remember how hysterical that parody was. I have to find sometime now to watch this. I didn't recognize \”In the Garden\” but enjoyed \”Come Sail Away\”. Nice! Alana

  6. Hey Mike,Now that was fun! The Rutles. I hadn't seen it before. Very funny. I have to come back and finish the rest but it was cracking me up. I really enjoyed hearing Come Sail Away on the dulcimer. I read in one of your comments that you bought one some time ago. Did you play it? Do you still?A dulcimer festival? I bet that is magnificent!Hope you're having a good week,Michele at Angels Bark

  7. Mike,I just left a comment and hit Publish but it's not showing up. Did you get it? I hope so. If not, I'll try to recreate it here. Anyway, I appreciated being introduced to the Rutles and I'll be back to pick up where I left off. Funny stuff.Love that sweet sounding hammered dulcimer. \”Come Sail Away\” sounded good on it… Thanks for showcasing this very cool instrument.Michele at Angels Bark

  8. Michell Truhlik,sometimes I do not check to see when people post comments rightaway and so the comment might not show up quickly,MY is because of spammers and attcks on me personally for what I post.:-f :-h d-)everyone else thanks for stopping by and listening to the music I post I will TRY TO DO BETTER IN CHECKING FOR COMMENTS AND RETURNING YOUR COMMENTS SOONER.

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