Music Monday and Monday’s Music Moves Me



“I Remember Mama” Shirley Caesar

Jim Reeves I Won’t Forget You

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  1. Oh wow, the first song was my big brother's era & #2 was a favorite of my mom's & the 3rd one I didn't know at all, but the last one was definitely a favorite of my mom's. A walk down memory lane. Thank you.. I answered your message from my blog: Hmmmm so sorry Michael. I did not notice that it wasn't there anymore. I'm looking into that and getting some help. Hopefully next Monday I shall have one from now on. I am to please, my friend! hugs and have a rockin' week.

  2. Great set, and I especially liked Slim Whitman's \”I Remember You.\” I like it as well as Frank Ifield's.

  3. Xmasdollt,Thanks.John Holton,I'm glad you enjoyed my tunes.messymimi,yes they are indeed.Cathy Keisha,well I try to pick some unknow tunes by different artists that are known.

  4. Mike: When you see What is a blog hop?Get the code here… Click on this and you shall get my code. ­čÖé Oh wait, I see you have hmmm I wonder if there's a difference. Well, you try it and let me know. I'm using .com instead of I think there's a choice. Let me know if you have a problem..

  5. Mike,You have a whole of the 50s vibes going on here with your mewsic selections. The Earls put a smile on my face with their style. It makes me think of the TV series \”Happy Days\”. My mother was born in 1945. The 50s was her growing up era. I do recall hearing Slim Whitman but I can't remember if it was when I was little or someone introduced him to me in Blogosphere. Did you know Slim toured with The King in the 50s? I think that was an interesting tidbit. I remember best Whitman iconic song \”Indian Love Call\”. Wiki said he was known as 'America's Favorite Folk Singer' but was more popular in Europe and the UK than his native country, America. Thanks for hitting the dance floor with these songs from an age of innocence. Have a good week, my friend!

  6. Xmasdolly the Get the code was missing on monday that's why I just added my blog to the list and not having the link up on mime as well. :(Cathy kennedy in 1952 my Mom was 21 and Dad was 25 when I came into the world.Marry Burris,I love finding the vintage tunes.

  7. Oh, how do I remember The Earls and other great do-wop groups (after all, I grew up in the Bronx, the home of do-wop!) I Remember You? (been so long, I had forgotten) I didn't know the other two songs but this was quite the walk down Memory Lane – thank you for the walk (and dance). Alana

  8. You have some great choices. My fave that I\”ve loved forever is: \”I Remember Mama\” Shirley Caesar

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