Music Monday and Monday’s Music Moves Me

Billy Paul. Me And Mrs Jones. Original Video

Three Dog Night – Joy To The World (1970)

The Seekers – Georgy Girl (1967 – Stereo)

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  1. Very good my friend!!! hahaha I haven't heard \”Georgie girl\”, in like forever! How cool is that… ~hehehe~ Good choices… and wow, Dave Clark 5 too I remember seeing them on TV every afternoon too! Thanks for the boogie…. hehehehe HUGS

  2. Mike,Billy Paul, \”Me and Mrs. Jones\” is an introduction. I really liked this dude's smooth vocals. I'm definitely going to YouTube to listen to more of his tunes. \”Joy to the World\” is a great Three Dog Nights selection and oh, my CATHY, \”Georgie Girl\”!! I'm with Marie on this, I haven't heard this song in years. What fun! You 'songs that spell your name' are pawesome picks! Thanks for sharing the dance floor with me this morning. Have a purrrfect day!~Curious as a CathyC.A.T.H.Y. playlist & 'Sparks'

  3. Excellent songs here Mike! I LOVE \”Me & Mrs Jones\” — such a classic. In fact, I may use that as my M song in another one of my Name playlists. I haven't checked comments on my blog yet so not sure if you've been by: if you came by on Monday, stop back over because I added two more playlists. I love the theme that John picked and am having so much fun with it: there are so many great songs. I used a lot of old classics in all three of my playlists…and I think I'm going to do a few more and maybe use them on a Freebie week. Ironically, I was just thinking of that Seekers great, \”Georgy Girl\” because I have a dog here now who's name is Georgi Girl. She's a new boarder (I have a dogsitting business) and I need to ask her owners if she's named after the song. I'm assuming she is.Great song choices Mike!Have a great rest of the week,Michele at Angels Bark

  4. Georgy Girl was one of those \”haven't heard in 40 years\” type songs – happy to hear it again; so upbeat! And Me and Mrs. Jones – what a mellow classic that is. Thank you for sharing your name-songs, Mike. Alana

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