Thankful Thursday

 I’ve decided to participate in Thankful Thursday hosted by Brian of Brian’s Home. Thankful Thursday Blog Hop. As you know, each and every Thursday we tell you about the things for which we are most thankful. 

I will always be thankful for serving my country in the USAF and my First wife MaryEllen.She introduceded to to many wonderful things out in California  two such places were the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park

and Hurst Castle

There were other places as well.


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  1. I've not been to the castle, but I've been to the Japanese Garden. It's most beautiful indeed.Have a fabulous Thankful Thursday, Mike and Celestine. 🙂

  2. Those are two very pretty places! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  3. Sandee,Both are great places indeed. MaryEllen and I went ther for the Japanese Tea ceremony,it was an enjoyable experience indeed. and seeing The Castles was most fun,I've see a special on it on TV bit seeing in in person is even greater.:) :-f :-h d-)Brian yes indeed.:) :-h d-)

  4. They look worth visiting, maybe someday i will. Have i ever thanked you for your service? If not, thank you. If i have, thank you again!

  5. World of Animal,Inc,as far as I am concerned it is worth the trip.I was fortunate to be assigned to a Base in Sacremento Ca,and married to an inquisitve person that wanted to see different thing in the state of Ca.And she introduced me to the sites of Ca.I even enjoyed our trip to L.A. to see Disneyland.something that I was interested in seeing ever since i was a child,and watched the Wonderful World of Disney on T.V. :):D:X:-*:-f:-hd-)

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