Music Mondat and Monday’s Music Moves Me

Carole King – I Feel the Earth Move (Audio)

The Rolling Stones – Salt of the Earth

7 Comments on “Music Mondat and Monday’s Music Moves Me

  1. Carole King is such a talented songwriter and singer. It's been a while since I've heard my song. Rolling Stones – I like some of their songs but I just couldn't get past the toilet seat. Oh well! Alana

  2. Way to go my friend! Carol King.. man, here I go again… I've been doing it all day! Smackin' my head & saying now why didn't I think of that! ~hehehe~ Love that tune!! Use to love to dance to it too! Come on dude let's give it a whirl!!! ~hehehe~ Great job, and man you can't get no better than the Stones! YOU ROCKED MY WORLD TODAY MY FRIEND!!! WOO HOO! Great job & thanks for joinin' us! hugs

  3. Mike,Fabulous selection. I much prefer your and John's take on the 'earth day' theme. Carole King 'I Feel The Earth Earth (Move Under My Feet)' is an oldie but goodie. Not being a Stones fan, the song you used is an introduction. Thanks for joining us on the dance floor, dear friend. Have a great week!

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