Music Monday and Monday’s Music Moves Me

The Drew Carey Show – Cleveland Rocks

The Euclid Beach Band-No Surf In Cleveland

“Here We Go Again” Hi-Def Michael Stanley & Cleveland Browns All Star Band

Michael Stanley Band- My Town

4 Comments on “Music Monday and Monday’s Music Moves Me

  1. Mike,I spent the summer in Columbus, OH with my uncle and his wife the summer of '76. We went to Kings Island. That was my first experience on a rollercoaster and I nearly died from fright, too. lol Fab mewsic for this week's theme. Thanks for hitting the dance floor with the 4M gang!

  2. John Holton,I know it was his way of protesting the deplorible conditions of the river. 🙁 d-) :-hpilch92 15andmeowing,with the exception of serving in the US Air Force and being married in California after I finished my service I returned to Ohio after that marriage ended and been here since.and the Michael Stanly Band Tune My town says it all. 🙂 :-h d-)Cathy Kennedy,I can relate thats why I don't ride amusement rides.

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