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 Schocking Calls

It’s that time of year again, when we spend many Sundays watching our home town heroes of the gridiron play.

One thing about going to the games that is a mixed blessing is that your phone may or may not get any reception while in the stadium.  Trying to keep up with all the kids who come with us, without being able to call them, can be challenging.

As i tried to call Red-headed Alec yesterday and couldn’t get an answer, i was thinking about how we never had telephones to worry about when i first started going to games, because they were all back home attached to the wall.

Then i started thinking about other uses of telephones, and it reminded me of Boudreaux.

There are some things that are illegal everywhere except in extreme south Louisiana, where Boudreaux will tell you that it is legal there anyway when you are hungry enough.  This includes the old use of the cranking device from old-style telephones to generate electricity through wires dropped in the water.  This would shock the fish, which would float to the surface to be netted for consumption or sale.

After one such “fish shocking” expedition, Boudreaux was selling some of the fish he had caught to a local restaurant.  The buyer, suspicious about it, asked him, “Did you “telephone” these fish?

An’ Boudreaux, he say, “Mais, no!  I jes’ drop dem a line!”

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