Blog Blast For Peace Dona Nobis Pacem

Here Is my Peace Globe for this Years Blog Blast for Peace Dona Nobis Pacem

Just because I have joined Blog Blast for Peace does not mean that I do not honor those that have laid down their lives for our freedom. My Family have a history of serving OUR GREAT COUNTRY.MY DAD DID USAAF,I SERVED IN THE USAF.I HAVE HAD COUSINS UNCLES AND OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS THAT HAVE PUT ON THE DIFFERENT UNIFORMS OF OUR COUNTRY.As a Retired Corrections Officer I have had to deal with interesting people that is why I pray for Peace.
This is some of the Family History and my Friends service as well. I used this from the Roll Call of a FaceBook group that I had belonged to called Standdown.

 SGT (E-4) Date of Rank  01 Sept 1973 USAF 2951 C.L.S.S. of the AF Logistics Command served July 1971-1974 as an Aircraft Spark chaser(AKA Electrician)Reporting for Duty,HERE!!
Remembering the Other SGT Golch,Phillip R. USAAF a veteran of WW2 My Dad who was called Home 14 August 1984
My AF Mom Shirley M.Golch(Nicknamed Sam) called home 25 Sept 2003
Standing in for my cousins Keith A.Doyle SGT (E-4) USAF,Brian P Doyle,Specialist (E-4) USA 1987-1991 &Sgt (E-5) USAR 1991-1995,Judy Homes Duncan USN Chief Petty Officer (E-7)Retired
My late father in law Stanley J.Kobus A WW2 Veteran of N.Africa and Anzio called Home 30 april 2003
The late Jim Spiker USN called Home 10 December 2012.
My friend Douglas J.Campbell USAF 1984-2007 Retired E-6
And my Late Uncle Evan Golch ARNG Called Home 22 December 1981.
And My Uncle Richard E.Hirt USArmy  1953-1955
And My Brother in law Allen Wilder a Vietnam Vet.(sadly I donot know what Branch or Years served)

 Barry McGuire – Eve of Destruction

First They Came 

John Lennon Give Peace a Chance lyrics 

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  1. Thank you for serving in the military, Mike. Veterans are not forgotten. Peace be with you.

  2. As long as there are people out there who will try to disturb the peace in any way, they will have to be dealt with, often with deadly force. Thank you for your service, and please pass along my thanks to any of your family still living who served.May we someday have no need for such service because there is true peace on earth.

  3. Sandee,Sherry Blue Sky,Annie,Tink,Messymimi,Pat Bertram,Michelle,Thank You one and all.we and all who have served,are serving and will serve.Do so to protect thoese that need it.To fight those that want do to harm to others.I am Honored to be amoung those,that are Veterans.enve though I never saw combat I was willing to put my life on the line and lay it down it called apon to do so.Peace be with you all. 🙂 :-h

  4. I respect your service to our country. I served a tad as a Reservist and my late husband made me a Nam Vet widow. Ironically, War and Peace share the same historical bookshelf. Some do not recognize this. If only it were as easy as The Beastie Boys Fight For Our Right for (Freedom). Thank you for your service. It needs to be reminded that coming to arms is many times part of the Peace process. Protecting our way of life and our ideals has cost us many lives. Peace to yours this season.

  5. Bluezy,Thank you and your Late Husband (Rest In Eternal Peace,Brother!! Slow Hand Salute!!)for your service,You are right sometimes taking up arms is the road to peace,my late Dad and mant of his Generation did just that first against Germany and than after the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor,the fight against Japan.

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