Music Monday and Monday’s Music Moves Me

White Bird- It’s A Beautiful Day -1968

The Youngbloods – Get Together

Climax Blues Band “Couldn’t Get It Right” 45rpm

6 Comments on “Music Monday and Monday’s Music Moves Me

  1. Whoa! Some great tunes here my friend, but our theme today was tunes about vehicles (any kinds)… the theme is always in my sidebar if you wanna go with the flow, but if not it's okay too YOU ROCKED THE HOUSE to say the least. Thanks for joinin' us!

  2. Musical memories in the second two. It was my first time hearing the first one (that i remember, anyway). Excellent seletion!

  3. Mike,You have some groovy 60s and 70s vibes goin' on here today. Man, these are all excellent tunes, too! You can't find mewsic of this caliber today. It's great sharing the dance floor with you, my friend. Keep on keepin' on with these retro tunes!

  4. Hey Mike,Three awesome songs here. I haven't heard White Bird in a long time. Reminds me of my college years. And Climax Blues Band: wow! What a fantastic song! Haven't heard that one in ages either. All three I'd put on auto-repeat.Michele at Angels Bark

  5. X-mas Dolly Sorry about that some times I march to the beat of my own drummer.always have and at my age I guess i will always will. :-f :-h d-)messymimi,Cathy Kennedy,Michelle Truhlik,and Stacy Uncorked,I'm glad you all enjoyed my tunes and as always thanks to all of you for stopping by.:-f :-h d-)

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