Music Monday and Monday’s Music Moves Me

9-11 Sounds of Silence Tribute by Steve A. (Disturbed)

Enya – Only Time (9/11 Tribute)

September 11 God Speaks Out

4 Comments on “Music Monday and Monday’s Music Moves Me

  1. Mike,Your tribute, especially the last video, is so tender! We'll all remember the calls made from the airlines saying their goodbyes and pleas for help in the towers and the images of people jumping to their death and the crumbling towers a blazed are forever etched in our memories. Thank you for sharing. I pray for the families who still grieve and I pray for our country that she may never fall under this kind of attack again.

  2. Both the Disturbed cover of Sounds of Silence and the Enya song are so appropriate for the day. I will never forget. Alana

  3. Hi Mike.Love your choices for this 9/11 tribute theme. The Sounds of Silence is such an incredible song and this cover by Disturbed is really good. Enya's song is beautiful with a haunting melody.And WOW OH WOW: The God Speaks Out video is incredible. Very powerful. I know many, including myself, were asking where He was that day. I often ask where God is when bad things happen. I just asked it yesterday when I read a disturbing news story about an abuse case. This video comes at, for me, a good time in light of my questioning… Thanks for that.Have a good weekend,Michele at Angels Bark

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