Veterans Day November 11 2015

I would also like to than all my different family members that have served as well.
Remembering the Other SGT (E-5) Golch,Phillip R. USAAF a veteran of WW2 My Dad called Home 15 August 1984

cousins Keith A.Doyle SGT (E-4) USAF, Brian P Doyle,Specialist (E-4) USA 1987-1991 &Sgt (E-5) USAR 1991-1995,Judy Homes Duncan USN Chief Petty Officer (E-7)Retired
My late father in law Stanley J.Kobus A WW2 Veteran of N.Africa and Anzio called Home 30 april 2003
The late Jim Spiker USN called Home 10 December 2012.
My friend Douglas J.Campbell USAF 1984-2007 Retired E-6
And my Late Uncle Evan Golch ARNG Called Home 22 December 1981.
And My Uncle Richard E.Hirt USA Regular 1953-1955
And My Brother in law Allen Wilder a Vietnam Vet.(sadly I donot know what Branch or Years served)
And My Other Brother In Law Rodney Combs (sadly I donot know what Branch or Years served)
Respectfuly SGT (E-4) Michael J.Golch

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