Places where I have travelled before.

This is a slightly reworked posting of the one that I did way back when in January of 2008

This title is a shameless ripoff of the song “some place I never traveled” I forget who did it.

A little history of me,First I turned a grateful 63 on 1/22/15 My wife Celestine and I will be married 35 years on 03/01/15. The reason I state a grateful age is simple during my travels on the great globe called Earth, I was sick as a child. When I went to school I started a half a year late and failed a half of a year. Finally when I graduated High school in 1971 I was 19, I went into the United States Air Force in July 1971. I wanted to honor my father who served in the U.S. Army Air Force during the second world war.

When I was stationed at my first permanent assignment at McCland AFB Sacramento CA. I was assigned to a depot level maintenance squadron. A glorified term that meant we fixed aircraft all over the world and continental u.s.(conus)

I had meet my first wife MaryEllen at the local USO in town, when I turned 21 we got married, that was a rocky and stormy road that was traveled sometimes we had some great moments.

After leaving the Air Force in 1974 I thought that I had a bad cold turned out that I had fluid on the heart (that is a simple explanation for the problem I had the real term was paricarditist) I had spent 1 1/2 months in the hospital with this problem and almost died.

My marriage ended in 1978 and when that happened I decided to return home to Ohio. I had felt that there was no reason to stay out in California any more. By 1979 I was working as a security guard at the local AAA headquarters,where one of the road dispatchers introduced me to my current wife. We got married March of 1980 and have been since.

In 1980 I also started a new job as a Correction Office for the County Sheriffs department. I was part of the Jail security staff.I worked there until 1995 when I took a disability retirement.

I should also say the as a c/o I enjoyed my job with a few exceptions, 1) when my father died in 1984 I did not receive a paid leave for the funeral. 2) the day I returned to work some one was being an ass on the internal phones and said something that does not deserve to be repeated here, needless to say I threaten that c/o’s life for what he said to me. Nothing ever came from that action. 3) when a collection was being taken for a c/o that had just suffered a lose of a family member I told the office that was taking the collection that I was in no mood to give any money. He said to me just wait and see what happens when you have a loss, I told him what had happened to me just one month previously and that no one ever took a collection up for me. Shortly after that I just snaped and had to see a shrink. The good thing was that I never deliberately hurt any one.

Getting Back to the death of my dad, the only ones who gave me their condolences were several inmates who were alleged to have had Mafia ties. That at least made me feel better that someone would take the time to say “hey sorry for your loss” Which is more that I got from members of my own department.

Skipping forward to December 17 1990 after a suicide attempt I was put in an alcohol dependency program. I have been sober since. By 1995 it was clear that I could not be a corrections officer any more and needed to retire.

I was allowed to work a part time job after retiring as long as it did not have any thing to do with any kind of security work at all. So I got a job working for Sears as a parts clerk I worked there for 5 years when due to having problem with my asthma I was let go due to missing too many days on the job.

Now we are up to 2000 I the started to take classes to be a real estate agent.That I enjoyed doing. Then I started to have seizures the seizures were just occasionally so I continued to work as a real estate agent. By 2006 the seizures were more frequent and I was told not to drive so by the time August rolled around and I did not have a listing or sale for most of the year. I sent my license back to the State of Ohio to be put into escrow. Soon it will be 2 years since I was told no driving and the seizures are still as unpredictably as ever. Some time I’ll go days with out one then I’ll have several in one day. Go figure.

I had said about me, I neglected to say some of the places I have been. If it was not for the Air Force I would have never been to the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, and,New Hampshire on TDYs. I had wanted to go one a TDY (tempory Duty Assignment) to England but was told no. My loss.

Some places that I would like to go to are Chicago Ill to see the Museum of Science and Industry.The reason being that the last enemy warship to be captured by the United States during a war is there. I’m referring to the U-505 German submarine,that has been dedicated as a monument to the service men lost during the war.If a person were to go the website of the museum they could learn the story behind this submarine. A different place to go would by the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. these are a couple places I would go If I could.

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  1. Some of this I knew and some I didn't Mike. You've had a colorful life. That CO was a putz though. I'm just saying.Have a fabulous day. ­čÖé

  2. Mike, I'm sorry about your father and that no one said any condolences. I think that it's hard enough to deal with a death of a close relative but when people ignore it or don't say anything, it is made much harder. I understand, my friend.

  3. Syd,I was verry bitter at the time,but I have since forgiven all those people from the my Late dad said,\”we all have to answer to God for what we do on this Earth\”He will deal with them when they go before him just as I will.

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