Music Monday and Monday’s Music Moves Me

“Dust in the Wind” hammered dulcimer by Ted Yoder

Unchained Melody – Hammer Dulcimer

Music Box Dancer

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14 Comments on “Music Monday and Monday’s Music Moves Me

  1. Sandee,I had mad a promise to feature Hammered Dulcimer music this week and wanted to live up to that promise.Mascha,I am glad you enjoyed the music.I only hope some day that my seizures are under control so well that I do not have to fear having one and can start playing mime again

  2. Mike, thanks so much for this. It is wonderful. What a great instrument. Unchained melody is one of my favorites. I so appreciate you doing this.

  3. Marg,I'm glad you enjoyed the tunes.I fell in love with this music a long time ago,at first it was jusr enought to collect the tapes,than I tiook the plundge and bought my own in 1992 in 1993 I won third place in a regional championship held in cosschocton ohio,but now the Dulcimer sits covered up behind my love seat in the living room because of the seizures I have I am afraid to even try to play it.

  4. Michael you are the best. Unchained Melody is mine & my hubby's song. We both like dulcimers. I was introduced to the instrument with Dave at a fair & next month is our 15th Wedding Anniversary! YOU ROCK!

  5. The hammered dulcimer makes beautiful music. We bought our oldest daughter when she was young a very lovely wooden dulcimer, but it was smaller than these. Maybe it isn't dulcimer, but related. It made pretty sounds. You've inspired me to look for Christmas music played on a hammered dulcimer now. 😀 Thanks for sharing & hitting the dance floor with the 4M crew, Mike. Have a tunetastic week! Oh yeah, thanks for your service to America!

  6. Lovely musiek of hammed dulciner; Greeting from Belgium ***************

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