Music Monday and Monday’s Music Moves Me

Come join Music Monday and share your songs with us. Rules are simple. Leave ONLY the ACTUAL LINK POST here and grab the code below and place it at your blog entry. You can grab this code at LadyJava’s Lounge Please note these links are STRICTLY for Music Monday participants only. All others will be deleted without prejudice.

PS: Because of spamming purposes, the linky will be closed on Thursday of each week at midnight, Malaysian Time. Thank you!

23 Comments on “Music Monday and Monday’s Music Moves Me

  1. Janis Ian had a unique voice and style. Wonder what she's doing now? Happy Music Monday to you. 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh, and I haven't heard her in forever. I wonder what ever happened to her. She was so very talented. I had no idea she was so young when she sang. Thanks for sharing & joining us today my friend! YOU SO ROCK!

  3. Colette S.they are just new to you,Society's Child came out in 1965 and At Seventeen came out in 1975.

  4. Women voicing out through the power of music! I rather liked Janis's song having just heard it for the first time. The tempo changes were brave but worked. Girl power, eh?

  5. Marie Moody,she is still out there performing,I listed her website on a previous comment.Helena,I'm glad you enjoyed these timeless tunes. I remember when both came out. and on both of the I said Right On Sister!

  6. Joyce lansky,I wondered how I managed to keep up with all of mine. come to think of I don't, I've shut off access to most of them except the 3 wordpressone,I have figured how to take them private as I have the Blogger ones.

  7. Thanks for stopping by! I'm you're newest follower! I couldn't recall hearing the first song here, but I do remember \”At Seventeen\”. Have a great week!

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