there is not winning

yep I had a lot of”Fun” over the weekend the new computer malfuntioned. it kept losing it’s connection and when I called the store where I Bought it from (Best Buy) and talked to a Geek Squad Member she said the problem was in my Modem not the computer,so I called AT&T they ran some test and said there might be a problem,so they scheduled an AT&T U-verse tech to come out today between 8 and noon.He got here about 9 am said he could not find a problem but he said he would replace the modem anyway and did every thing worked just fine than the connection would start dropping and re connecting just as it did on Sunday. se he asked to see the back of the computer and sure enough the light that show connectivitivty was blinking on and on stay solud gree for a second or two and start cycling again.he said you have a bad computer.SDo I called best buy and told them what has been happening for the past two days I was told to pack everything back up and they would replace the computer with a different on. same model just a different computer.

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  1. Sandee,Sadly the computer installed 8.1 yesterday and than the Fun happened,I think I did not notice that there was a connection issues.

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