Meet the new computer

this is the HP 110 that I went and bought yesterday my Compaq Presarrio was 10 years old and keep giving more and more grief. I was adverging using the restore discs one a month and this month alone I used the three time and still the dang thing would freze up and or not start up properly. so after a big fight Celestine did take me to our Best Buy Store on Brookpark Rd in Prma/Cleveland border to get this one.

6 Comments on “Meet the new computer

  1. Nice looking PC once you get it as you like it and install your programmes it will run fine, don't forget to remove some of the preinstalled crap that will give you some extra speed too.Enjoy your new PC Mike have a good weekend 😉

  2. stevebethere I have Hotle card games 2005 it installed with just one glitch the face creator would not install.but the other hoyle came that I had the face creator did install with the game very strange.:-h

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