Pearl Harbor


USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, the underwater tomb for 1,177 Sailors and Marines
The following day, President Franklin D. Roosevelt asked the Congress for a Declaration of War in his famous “Day of Infamy” speech. This is a link to that speech and a photo of the Congress in session that day.

The Pearl Harbor survivors have an organization that will soon cease to exist. There can be no new memberships. The remaining members are in their 80’s and 90’s. This year, 2008, marks the 67th anniversary of the attack. The members of the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association, as they are known, used to travel to Hawaii every five years to commemorate the event. After the 2006 meeting they pretty much agreed that they would not plan on a meeting in 2011.
We respect, honor, and admire these survivors on the anniversary of the most horrific day in each of their lives.

There are two events in American History that shaped what Tom Brokaw has dubbed “the Greatest Generation”: The Great Depression and World War Two.

My Thanks to the BOOMER With A View for the body of this posting.I did add a link as well. I have to add my Friend Travis’s posting about Pearl Harbor as well.

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  1. Well done, Mike. I read recently that our nation's collective memory of Pearl Harbor, as with all of WWII, is fading. Perhaps your post will awaken some memories of folks and create enough interest to create an awareness among folks who have no knowledge of Pearl Harbor.

  2. Nicholad Temple as long as I am alive I will be doing this,as the son of a WW2 Veteran of the US ArmyAirForce I can do no less than to honor those that have come before me.

  3. I have visited that memorial and it's a somber experience. Thanks for this post Mike. My dad fought in WWII as your father did. The greatest generation got that name for a reason.Have a blessed day my friend. ­čÖé

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