fighting with the computer again

Yesterday I had to use my restore dics.Today I had to repeat the process again Twice,finally I think Ive got it working as i work to get things back to “Normal” I’m forgoing Thursday’s Tune.

4 Comments on “fighting with the computer again

  1. Good luck, Mike. I've been having minor computer problems (compared to yours) and they sure aren't fun!

  2. Nicholas,the computer is about 10 years old and a lot of the troube I have is most likly operator error.I douwnded something I should not have and caused me grief.

  3. Sandee,Yep but the budget casnnot see it and untill this this is totally dead.I'm not getting a new one. maybe next year when support fot windows XP ends I might be able to convince the Mrs about getting a new one.but with a monthly mortagae and maintence fees and all the utilities,as long as I can keep this thing going the better off I am.

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