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Happy Veteran’s day to all of you.Past, present and future Soldiers.
To the soldier who did not come home;

To the Soldier who tells his incredible stories; which may fall on deaf ears to an unknowing civilian- but the twinkle in their eye resumes when speaking to a fellow service member whether it be past or present.

It is not about “freebies” and huge discounts.

It is about the sacrifice that each and every service member has made. Some gave their life.Others gave their time, their sanity, their youth and their innocence.

Young or Old. New or Seasoned…
when you are out today getting your free Starbuck’s and buying new furniture and clothes at a huge discount..overhearing someone complaining about the line being too long for a free meal…

Be aware who is around you.please thank a Veteran…Korean War..World War II..Vietnam..Iraq..Afghanistan..Desert Storm…Desert Shield or Pearl Harbor.

They made, and keep making America the most beautiful country to live in. They serve(d) in silence, to protect freedom for us all. I am honored to have served for the greatest country in the world.

I am honored to have served along side of many of you.
Thank you. Thank you all SO much.Your service was, is, and will not be in vain. -Mystery

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