Blog Blast For Peace

I could saysomething lame and claim blogger lost my Posting,but truthfuly I forgot to do it Yesterday.


7 Comments on “Blog Blast For Peace

  1. Don't feel bad. I forgot July. Yep, I forgot an entire month! It was when I was budgeting and sorting bills in June and I went directly to August in my planner. It was nearly the end of June when I started to look at it and think… something is wrong here.Peace day blessings!

  2. John Lennon was a cool dude. I wonder what he would think of all that is going on today. Time to think more and more about peace and what that means for all of us.

  3. Michelle,thanks for making me feel better about just missing one day.Syd,Yes he was a super dude,and yes I wounder what he would think of our worls today.

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