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  1. And I can guarantee if you leave those mailboxes open they would indeed soon be occupied, cats and containers – any size, any shape, the tighter the fit the better! This was too cute, Mike!

  2. Josie Two Shoes,our last cat Harvey was someone's castoff as a kitten he had been hanging around our conds for a few days when he decided that he would adopt us,one day I was unloading stuff from the back seat of our car after going shopping I had left the garage door open when I returned from taking some stuff in i came out to find him sitting in a box on the backseat wityh this look of I staying so I told him he has to take thaty up with everyone inside. we think he was about 6 months old when he adopted us he lived to be 18Nicholas Temple Yes indeed.

  3. Nice, Mike. Hope that you are doing well. Things have been busy around here. Here's to a great week.

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