This is not the one I had planned to use ton battling with my computer AGAIN and I lost the picture I had stashed for today’s posting OH WELL STUFF HAPPENS

11 Comments on “Awww…Monday

  1. Sorry you're having trouble with your computer again! Good thing you are good are working on it.Cute picture though!

  2. I love this one! Little cats believe that their \”roar\” is just as mighty as the big ones, it's all in the perspective. I look at the big cats and think \”what a pretty kitty\”, even if in reality I might lose my hand trying to offer a petting! ­čÖé

  3. Mari,I wish I was better at it and maybe i would not have to keep killing that damn thing.Josie Two Shoes,You got that so right.I would not even think of petting those big cats,even when they are babies.

  4. Patricia,I glad you enjoye the pic,computer troubles just follow me. I have a backup computer but that ione is down so I have to rely on this one at least I have restorte discs to fix it.

  5. I'm liking all your cats, Mike. Mrs. Jim used to get upset with me for not knowing which was a lion and which was a tiger. Farm boy me, I had never been to a zoo.Sorry about your computers too. I have a computer graveyard in my office…

  6. Jim,the only time I have see a lion or a tiger had been at the Zoo or on a TV program. I had a computer grqveyard here at the house I still have 2 of the hard drives I took out of the dead computers,hard drives still work but the computers died.

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