A prayer request

I have a request from everyone. My Brother-in-law Stan has had major cancer surgery and is back in surgery to remove more infected tussue,please pray for him,as he continues his fight to survive.Thank you one and all.

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  1. Mari,Thank you Stan made it through surgery Ok.now let's hop he can contining healing as he has lost somuch of his body to cancer.

  2. Dude of Dudes! How the heck are you? I'm trying to get caught up with my Posts/blog, and I came along a remark you made in last weeks Monday's Music Moves Me. If you would have read my Posts and upcoming posts and the other co-conductors Posts I had Back surgery and the girls were trying to keep everything going for me. Unfortunately my prescheduling for my Post last Monday didn't work so well, so I wanted to apologize to you personally that you could not find the linky for it. Let Me see now how did you put it \”MARIE MOODY,where in the hell is the links to post our music and grab the code??? OH WELL I GUESS I WILL NOT BE PLAYING ALONG THIS WEEK!!!!\” So oh well you won't be able to get away from us this week cuz MARIE MOODY, XMASDOLLY OR JUST DOLLY AND SOME COME ME MAMA IS BACK AND RARING TO GO AND ROCK THE HOUSE. JUST TO LET YOU KNOW AND TO INVITE YOU PERSONALLY! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND AND SEE YOU MONDAY!

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