13 Comments on “Awww…Monday

  1. Awww…I did puppies, you did puppies and someone else did too. It must be puppy day.Have a terrific Awww…Monday Mike. Ôś║

  2. what a darling basket of love! We don't have dogs because we're gone too much during the day and dogs need their people- our Lucy cat just sleeps til we're home and then DEMANDS attention!Have a great week Mike!

  3. Kathe W,we donot have any babies any more.When Havey was sent to the rainbow Bridge,we said he was our last one.

  4. Aww.. A basket-full of puppies. This always brings a smile no matter how tough everything gets ­čśÇ

  5. Pu Niao,yes indeed,a basket of puppies and or kitties can always bring a smile to my face.Da Dude,indeed Steve they can be mischief as well as a basket full of kittens can be.My thanks for stopping to both of you.

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