A Rant about Word Verification

I hate the way blogger has their word verification now.especially when the number is in black and you cannot see it.So if you have this feature and Commit Moderation turned on as well you may never get another comment from me,I like to leave comments but if you have it and I have to type in more that 2 tries and I will give up on the attempts to leave you a comment.

5 Comments on “A Rant about Word Verification

  1. Preach it Mike, preach it.Have a fabulous day and a blessed weekend. I hope Celestine is feeling better. ­čÖé

  2. mari,it they would make the number readable i would not mind,but with the black backrounf the numbers are inpossible to read and i am getting so fed up with that crap,i'm tempted to start deleting people that use this crap.

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