Goodbye USS Enterprise CVN 65

The Inactivation Ceremony for the USS Enterprise CVN 65 “Big E” is today. She will be Decommissioned in March 2013 she is the second carrier to be called the USS Enterprise the first one was CV 6

 Never fear there have been many Entreprises in the US Navy history
 The Current Enterprise will not be the last one. The Gerald R.Ford Class of Aircraft carries are being built .
The Greald Ford will be CVN 78  CVN 79 will be the USS John F. Kennedy and the next Carrier CVN 80 Will be the USS Enterprise.

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  1. Thanks for this post Mike and all of the wonderful information listed. I rarely watch news and would not have known.I hope you're having a great weekend!Jackie:-)

  2. I didn't know this either. Thanks for always taking the time to keep the rest of us informed about things we should know.You and Celestine have a blessed Sunday. 🙂

  3. Sandee,Thanks for stopping by.Deep down inside I'm a Navy Man it was my first love as a teen,if you had seen my bedroom when we lived on Chestnutdale you would understand.

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