I give up

In 6 hours and I only mananged to get 145 drops.my dls lights are blinking like crazy, sites are not loading right and ehtrecard is extremely slow in responding to my drops!I give up.

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  1. I had a terrible time at the boat yesterday and this morning. It took me most of the day yesterday to get 600 drops done. This morning was even worse. I'm at home now and it's lightening fast. Perhaps something is wrong with your provider? Everything is fine here with Entrecard. ­čÖé

  2. Sandee, I think it was a combination of AT7T and Firefox. I deleted Firefox and all of the stored data and shut off the dsl for the night. after breakfast and doing my peddling I put the DSL back on reinstalled firefox and put my add ons back in and everything is fine today.I'm almost finshied dropping my 300 as Golch Central and will embark on dropping as Mikes Place. and maybe just maybe get som drops as Loonttoon Central as well. we will see.

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