What a Bummer

Yesterday we lost Two great actors.

                                  Goodbye George Jefferson

                                  Goodbye  Dr Joe Gannon

3 Comments on “What a Bummer

  1. I knew about George Jefferson. I loved that show and I loved George. I didn't know about Dr. Joe though. How sad.Have a terrific day Mike and enjoy this wonderful thing called life. We only get to be here such a very short. time. 🙂

  2. Sandee,is was sad to lose both of the guys. I just found out about Chad Evert This morning. I happend to have The View on and they were talking about it. I do my peddling while watching TV.I try to enjoy life every day.Especially after that wake-up call I had 2 years ago.Wanda's Wings,Yes indeed.Both you ladies a Big time hug.

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