Goodbye,Lieutenant Commander Quinton McHale

Rest In Peace Ernest Borgnine I will alway remember you as Lieutenant Commander Quinton McHale of McHale’s Navy

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  1. I grew up on Ernest and McHale's Navy…in fact Quinton McHale helped teach[along with my Dad] a shy lil' kid to be Brash and Bold which ended up serving me well!RIP Ernest, and prayers to your family.PLU from SSF

  2. Sandee,He was indeed a great actor.Don E. Chute,I watched him as well. At one time I wanted to be in The Navy because my Cousin Judy Homes was in the navy.I was facinated with Subs. but my Dad talked me into going into the Air Force instead.

  3. Wanda's Wings,sadly they are indeed.Mari,I had heard it on the evening news while I was eating dinnder,so when I got done I posted.

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