Fathers Day

I will forever be grateful for Fathers Day 1984. It was the last one that I had with my father alive. I am grateful that I managed to tear down the invisible wall that existed between him and me.

I had written a 6 page letter to him telling him everything that I just could not voice to him. After he read it he was in tears and I was in the biggest bear hug of my life. He whispered in my ear, “I love you and am so proud of you.” Rest in Peace former SGT USAAF (United States Army Air Force). I am also grateful that I had him in my life until he was 58 years old when he died 14 August 1984. He was just 5 when his father passed away.

5 Comments on “Fathers Day

  1. I'm so glad you were able to have that day with your Dad and say the things that needed to be said. Your Dad was far too young when he passed!

  2. Mari,Yes that is true.He did live a lot longer that his Dad did.I am so glad that I wrote and gave him that letter as well.Wanda's Wings, our relationship just keep growing closer from that day one. plus having his first grandchild helped mellow him as well.

  3. What a great tribute to your father. I'm glad that you were able to tear down that wall. Many don't.Have a terrific fathers day and hubby sends you a happy fathers day too. Big hugs. ­čÖé

  4. Sandee,I was so glad that I took the time to write that letter and give it to him.The Song Living Years has a line in it that says I wish I had told him in the living years.well I was glad that I did tell my Dad my feelings.

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