A fun day

we decided to have a runaway day. I just turned the computer back on. we have been haome for a little while but I watched the shows that I taped yesterday first,and Now off to do some dropping after I post my 5 On friday posting.

8 Comments on “A fun day

  1. Mari,thanks,even the seizures I had did not dampen the day. We had Lunch out at Heinn's Gsupermarket.that have a section of the store that does stir-fry and that's what we had for lunch.it was a great time out.

  2. I love runaway days. Everyone needs them too and I'm happy you enjoyed yours.Have a fabulous day. 🙂

  3. Sandee,Thanks. I even had runaway days wghen i was out in Sacramento. some with Maryellen and some were by myself after we split up.There were a few times I drove down to SF from sacto just for coffee,I did some really silly things back than.still do some now with Celestine.

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