Just for Fun

In the ‘just for fun’ department, I signed up to take the Jeopardy Online Test. It will be run at 9:00Pm EDT (I put in the link)

I had a doctors appointment today and then we decided to go out for lunch. I had a few seizures and when we got home at about 2:00PM, I crashed for a while, then got up watched the shows I taped yesterday, including the jeopardy program. The reason I tape shows is this way I don’t have to watch the stinking commercials, just fast forward through them.

Now off to do some Entrecard dropping. If I’m lucky I’ll get at least 150 drop for each of the three blogs that I have as part of Entrecard.

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  1. Sorry you had seizures while out today and am hoping that your nap made everything right with the world.Have a terrific day. 🙂

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