got nailed again

somehow my browser icons mulitplied and the bad part was that none of the icons would open a browser.I just got done using my 6 restore discs and put the computer back to the way it was when I got it from the now to put back every thing that I had installed. Yeh I know some of you will tell me to get a MAC computer,well it is not that simple.I’m on a disability retirement,and the money is really tight.maybe if our condo was paid off that would not be the case and that’s not for another 7 years.

4 Comments on “got nailed again

  1. I don't want a Mac. Just saying. I love my PC and I'm mostly happy with it. There are days not so much, but mostly I'm happy.You'll get this figured out Mike. I know you will.Have a better evening than you are having this afternoon. 🙂

  2. Sandee,I'm quite happy with my PC as well.I'll take the grief I get sometimes.I will.there are times though I wish the Windows XP would behave it's self better.this computer is 6 years old and as long as it keeps working I'll keep it.

  3. I'm a PC person as well. No Mac for me. I have issues all the time with the browser. Too slow. I use Firefox. Hang in there Mike

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