I wonder if this is worth it.

I’m wondering it this is worth putting into the computer instead of windows????

the next question is where do i get it?????

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  1. She did this step by step Mike, but it looks pretty complicated. Just saying.The other way to get rid of Windows is to buy a Mac. They are way faster and they don't crash every five minutes.Have a terrific day. ­čÖé

  2. Sandee,yeh I know it's complicated.as far as buying a MAC,thaty will not happen untill such time as both the main and back up computers are dead.trying to get by on a fixed income really sucks,especially when your home is not paid for.

  3. I tried one of the newest versions of Ubuntu and I like it a lot. It was actually much easier to install for me than Windows has ever been. I think it's probably the best version of Linux. I still prefer Windows, but that may be because I am so familiar with it. But I don't think you'd ever be sorry to use Ubuntu. It would be my first choice if I ever switched from Windows.

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