a rant about entre card(again)

Entrecard is having technical issues. Any of the following may apply:
We may be suffering extreme load (lots of people)
We may be upgrading our server software
We may be suffering from a serious bug
We have on-call people watching the system, outages are unlikely to last more than 10 minutes. We apologise profusely for the inconvenience.
for the past Month you ass hats have been having technical issues and for the past two day your system has been totally inop.therefor: 
1)your apology is not accepted!
2)you most likely do not have any on call staff that is able to fix anything so why put up something that you know you cannot live up to???
3)when and if I can access my 3 accounts I will be spending every last credits I have you you effing jerks can go take a nice long walk of a very short Pier!!!!!!

5 Comments on “a rant about entre card(again)

  1. Many other sites have gone by the wayside. Just think of all the time we'll have now that we don't have to do drops everyday. Awesome.Have a terrific day Mike. 🙂

  2. Sandee,this is the 3rd day in a row that I cannot access my dashboards.I want to shut off the advertising and when thee ads are run pull the widgets unless they at entrecard can explain why the problems.I have not been dropping foor the past 2 days and do not plan to do that ever again.

  3. The dashboard seems to be working now. Unfortunately most blogs are marked as \”no widget\” and ads aren't showing on widgets :-(I've started noticing some fake Entrecard widgets on blogs. What's that all about?

  4. Just a quick query, but why can I only comment using my Google account or OpenID? Because there's usually someone else's account open here, you don't even know it's me leaving a comment :-PIt's John from English Wilderness by the way 😉 digital.wilderness@googlemail.com

  5. John,yep the dashboard started working late in the evening so I got some drops in.I do not allow anonamous comments any more so it eithea google account or an open Id account. the reason was I got some nasty attack comments and spammers by jokers that were too cowardly to leave their names.

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