Airman Mom: Introducing…. Di’s Blog

Airman Mom: Introducing…. Di’s Blog

4 Comments on “Airman Mom: Introducing…. Di’s Blog

  1. I don't think Entrecard is going to fix anything. I think they are almost done. It's a shame. ­čÖü

  2. mike…thank you so very much for posting the link to Di's Blog. We are one family, with our story of Deployment. So many families are touched by the sacrifice of finding a 'normal' life, with a key family member serving our Nation. Ahhhh…you know this all too well!Thank you again, my friend!~AM

  3. AirmanMom,the closes I go to a combat zone was Tialand when I was in and tht was scarry eniough for me.I do know the lonelyness that sets in when being in the service and being away from family.even though i never had any children I know what it is like being seperated from your spouce when being in the service.I married my first wife when I was in the USAF and having to go on TDYS a lot did not help my marriage,it did survive my military service but it did not last after I got out.

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