what the fuck is your problem I have been trying toswich you entrecard user id to do some more drops and all I get is this effin message:
Entrecard is having technical issues. Any of the following may apply:

    We may be suffering extreme load (lots of people)
    We may be upgrading our server software
    We may be suffering from a serious bug

We have on-call people watching the system, outages are unlikely to last more than 10 minutes. We apologise profusely for the inconvenience.
fuck this shit i have been trying for a strait half an hour and still constanly get the same message fuck you asshats!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats right I am extremely pissed off at the entrecard site and their so-called staff.

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  1. Entrecard is down completely Mike and has been for several hours. I sure wish they would put something on their blog so the rest of us know what's going on. Something is terribly wrong with Entrecard and has been for a bit over two weeks.Have a terrific day Mike and play your games and quit worrying about Entrecard. Hugs. 🙂

  2. Sandee,I have been playing my games and I am not going to worry about entrecard any more to hell with themI used to enjoy doing my drops but with the system being down more than it's up lately well to heck with them.

  3. Hi Mike – I thought it was just me – glad to see it isn't. Not that we can find any info on their site at all. Very frustrating. I am hoping it's not the beginning of the end for EC – they don't give a hoot about the site.Deep breathes for now as the struggle continues!

  4. KLM,no their system was really out of order. and yes they do not put anything on their site nor do they answer emails.Let's hope that it is not the end of EC.

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