Awww Monday

This is going to be a special AWWW Monday. I am going to feature a dear friend of mine. Harvey, the cat that owned Celestine and me. It has been 2 months since we had to send you to join the others at the Rainbow Bridge.

No we will not replace you with a new cat. You will be the last one.

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  1. Hello Harvey! What a handsome boy you were. And you made Mike and Celestine very happy for alot of years. Peace to you, sweet kitty.

  2. I know how special Harvey was to the both of you. What a wonderful Awww…Monday post Mike. Thank you.Have a wonderful Awww…Monday. Hugs. ­čÖé

  3. Mari,the first week when he joined our family every time I would sit in my chair to watch T.V. he would be streched out across one of legs sound asleep.He was such a tiny baby back than (6 months).CrystalChick,he was someones cast off when he decided that he was going to adopt up us.Sandee, he was just as special to as as all our babies were.

  4. I had not planned on getting another boy kitty, but our new gray boy had to find a new home and heart, so there you have it. We are sunk…

  5. Traveling Bells,we had mostly boy kitties with the exception of Tigger our only girl.We took a bunch of stuff that we had to a no kill shelter to use.

  6. Harvey was your heart cat. I understand totally. I believe that the ones we have will be our last. You will have to meet the new cat soon–will post more on my blog.

  7. Syd, we decided that we will not have any more cats or dogs for that matter. it is getting too hard to handle when they start getting sick not to mention the fixed income we are on just barely makes it to the end of the month.every time we turn aroud it costs more for stuff like food,gas and health insurance.

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