Rest in Peace

Actor Cliff Robertson has passed away.

Rest is Peace his life time he has played many different people. two come to mind Charly and that of the Later President Kennedy in the movie PT-109

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  1. PT-109 may be only loosely based on actual events, but it's still one of my favorite war movies and one of my favorite Cliff Robertson performances. My other favorite role was also in a war movie called The Devil's Brigade, also starring William Holden.

  2. Well, the role that I thought I mostly equated him with was as the replacement for Ronald Reagan on Death Valley Days, but when I went to confirm it, I found that Regan was actually replaced by Robert Taylor, who was replaced by DALE Robertson. So, I'll have to stand on my second choice, which was as the Canadian major in The Devil's Brigade. I also really enjoyed him in J.W. Coop.

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