Friday Flashback

last night on a rerun of the Dick Van Dyke Sow they were talking about stereo components. especially the speakers like Woofers,Tweeters got me thinking what to feature for this  this weeks Friday Fashback. and so I will do the speaker column of a stereo system the way they use to be made not those little tiny boxes that speakers are now but the kind that were around back in the 60’s.

some speaker cabinates had Mid-range and full-range speakers.

4 Comments on “Friday Flashback

  1. miss those huge multi-tasker speakers…they were a piece of furniture! of course each room was also adorned with shelves made of cinder blocks and wood planks. ahhh…great flashback, mike. life was so simple.happy friday!~AM

  2. Oh I remember these. They were huge. The bigger the better the sound. We've come a long way haven't we.Have a terrific weekend Mike. 🙂

  3. AirmanMom,I forgot about the cinder blocks and shelving.Thanks for the reminder.Mari,just before I went into the service I was in the process of building my own speaker cabinats.I wonder what ever happened to them?Sandee, you betcha!

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