A tuesday thought.

With all the sub-channels created by the digital T.V. conversion.one of our lacal TV station Ch 19 WOIO just started runnin old TV shows using this

programming service one of the shows that they run is the old Tweleve O’Clock High series. I just happend to run across this peice of info about one of the Planes used during the show the B-17 Bomber still exists.

4 Comments on “A tuesday thought.

  1. Way cool Mike. I love to go to airshows and see all the old aircraft that used to be the best of the best.Have a terrific day. ­čÖé

  2. Years ago we went to an Air sow at the Cuyahoga Countyu Airport that both a B-17 and a Strens Bi-plane that they were giving rides on but I could not afford it. or I would have hopped on the B-17.

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