We did a runaway day.

We did a runaway day today we left about 1:30 Pm,we got a late start just because Celestine had a low blood sugar in the morning. we first went to pay our respects for the sister of Celestine’s 20nd grade Teacher(they have been friends all these years)so Please keep the family of Francis T. Zolac(Kobak) the late sister of the former Nun Sister Angelique Kobak( Celestine’s Teacher) in your prayers. after we left there we went to the great Norther Mall to go to the World Market to do some shopping, than on the way home we went to a nice(but a semi fast food restaurant) Jackie Chens on Brookpark Road on the Parma side of Brookpark Road near Broadview Road. than we decided to head to Mc Donalds for a 50 cent cone.and than we came home. so far I have answered the comments left for me and do this posting. now it’s off to do some entrecard drops. see ya in a bit  My Entre Card Friends.Topmarrow depending on when we get up it just might be a runaway day as well. this time to the New Orleans styyle resturnat in North Royalton.

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