Just Great

We do not have a working land line. My DSL works but the telephone does not have a dial tone, now what do I do???? Celestine is out and about so I went and asked to use my neighbors phone to call her on the cell phone to let her know that the phone is out.

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4 Comments on “Just Great

  1. Well if it isn't one thing it's something else. I hope you get this fixed before the day is out. 🙁

  2. Sandee, you betcha.Celestine called AT&T and they said that it may take upto Saturday to fix the problem,I hope they don't knock my DSL out in the process.

  3. They might not fix it till Saturday? That seems a little long! Glad your DSL is still ok.

  4. Mari,we do have a dial tone now,but there is a lot of stactic on the line and with my luck those techs will know out the dsl next. it has happened before and I expect that it will happen again.

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