What Next

Today has not been fun. I’m still working on the computer. I cannot get the volume bar to work. I do have some stuff reinstalled. AVG is being a real pain in the ass and to really make things fun our sliding window in our bedroom came out of the track and I cannot get it back into it. Hopefully tomorrow we can get the company repairman out to fix it. I only hope that is does not cost us an arm and a leg. So how has your day been going?

4 Comments on “What Next

  1. Mari,the bad part is some asshat here in the neighboorhood has a charcoal grill going and I cannot not close the house up to block the smell from triggering an asthma attack.

  2. Like Mari said…when it rains it pours. I hope tomorrow you find lots of sunshine. ­čÖé

  3. Sandee, let's hope so.and let's hope that I can get the window people out here cause Tuesday it is supposed to rain. and with no window in place Oh brother!

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