dang it.

The Golch main computer has been hit once again. This happened around 7:15 pm. I have been working on restoring it so I may not be around tonight.

4 Comments on “dang it.

  1. Sandee,I should have relized there was a problem when the AVG started acting up.than it went to hell after that.I've got the computer back to the factory settings and now I'm installing the other stuff.so no dropping for me today.

  2. I'm so sorry that this has happenend again. If it makes you feel any better, I messed up my blogs royally and couldn't get in to access either accounts. Blogger's help was not useful. I took a day and a half, but I fixed it…lots of worrying and complaining.Good luck!!

  3. Clueless,I spent the rest of the night getting the computer back with the suff that I had prior to it going to hell.than to add insult to injyry the keyboad's space bar broke as well. fortunately I have an extra keyboard the I can use as a replacement.

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