Computer trouble.

The main computer here at the Golch household is on the fritz AGAIN.It locked up and I  had to use my restore discs and I am working on getting everything back. so I will try to visit with everyone when I can.

4 Comments on “Computer trouble.

  1. AirmanMom,Thanks.I treatyed to drop kick the computer into Lake Erie,but Celestine said no dice,because I could not get a new one.

  2. Grrrr – Computer problems rank right up there with car problems. Andy's computer died and he had to get a new one today. He's glad it happened here and not in Afghanistan! (he said a lot of people have problems with them there, because of all the blowing sand)

  3. Mari,I'm just glad that I know how to bring this darn thing back to the factory settings.the agrevating thing is putting all the stuff back in.

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