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  1. Mari and Sandee,I'm glad you guys enjoyed this one. I put this one up because it reminded me of one of our babies. we called RJ(short for rejected)He was a babie when his momma shoved him and a sister out from where she gave birth to them and was keeping the other babies. a factory worker found them and told me about the my heart broke when I say how tiny he and his sister was.The guy that found then said that he would take the girl and so I took The boy. We namened him RJ because he was rejected by his mommy and we carried him around with us every where we went for the first couple of weeks in a couple of socks to keep him warm and to feed him with tiny bottlesd of milk.My German shepard Mix decided that he was here babie and tried to take care of him when we were at home. it was finny to see that big dog taling care of a tiny kitten.I wish I had pics of that I would shou them as part of AWW monday.

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