A Rant

Can some one please tell me why there are days that some blogs will not load totally and other days they do even if the postings of the blog has not changed????????I’m getting damned pissed off.

4 Comments on “A Rant

  1. Have you tried another browser? I was using Internet Explorer and couldn't load some blogs at all. I downloaded Google Chrome and have had much less trouble. There is also Firefox if something won't work on Google Chrome…. But often, browsers seem to be the culprit when something won't load. Hope this helps!

  2. Renee,I don't use internet expler unless I really have to.Google Chrome kept locking up my computer,so I use Firefox 4.I have not had much trouble with that it seems that some of the blogs that i visit seem to have issues at different times of the day.

  3. I used Firefox 4 too and I have the same problem. What works one day won't the next. I don't know the answer. 🙁

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